My name is Zainab Khan. I am happily married and have a 3 months old son. I am a housewife with a passion to write. It has become little difficult to take out time for that so I thought why not blogging.



Would it kill to show and give some, we don’t ask for much, but little respect from men. Has it become compulsory to verbally, physically and mentally harass/ abuse women especially wives?


Our relation is of A master And A slave. You My master And I Your slave. What have I done To gain such a status. At lost I am Despite overthinking. I fail to reach To any conclusion. Yet I think and think Over and over Angel and demon Fighting within One in your favor [...]

An Effort

I pick up my pen And I put it down So many random thoughts Come and go Again and again. One come, Knock And leaves. Next follow Same foot steps. It has left me All tired. Everytime I pick up my pen They rush out of my brain. But they come back Every night And [...]