My Country


Ask not what she has given you

Ask what you have given her

Abuses, disregard, unapologetic tone

This is all we have for our motherland.

One step has to be taken

To move forward towards a better future

But who will be brave enough to do so?

Criticism is all we have for our poor land.

Gone are the days

When stories of sacrifices were repeated

Of brave men who fought for the land

For freedom.

Their value is lost

Her value is forgotten.

Revival is required

A jolt is necessary

Wake up and

Stop mourning over what’s lost.

Time to stand up

To struggle once again

To fight the evil

To sow the flower seeds

For us and our generations

To Come.



Published by: zainabkhansite

i am a mother of a handsome little boy who loves writing about him. and also someone with an urge to learn and write. here I get a chance to escape from my routine and bring out what cooking inside.

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