Beauty of Motherhood

my preciousThough I haven’t been a mother for long but sometimes I feel that this is what I was made for. I might be being delusional for now but yes this is an irreplaceable love and feeling.

As far as I can recall, I used to hear women expressing their feelings after becoming mothers but I think this is something beyond expression. A mother can never weigh the amount of love that she holds for her children neither can love one kid more than the other. That’s for sure.

I am not fond of getting up at nights just to feed him and at times I even curse myself for having him but his morning smile gets me started and this is my every day story.

My son is only three months old but I notice slight changes in him every single day. There are days when he wants to be in my arms all day long but others he totally wants to ignore me (which of course I don’t like).

When he is with me I want a break and when I finally get one, I miss him.

I put him to sleep, I get happy but when I see him at so much peace the only thing I want to do is kiss his tiny features and wake him up.

Am sure these are the loony phases through which every mother goes.

The difference is that each mother have different looking child but the emotions are mutual.

Indescribable love.



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