My 6 months journey with you…

When I 1st held you in my arms, I knew that my life has taken another drastic turn, after ofcourse your dad.

Despite my bad memory I can still recall the moment when I first held you in my arms.

Whoa!!!How tiny you were then and mashaaallah all grown up now.

I have spent these 6 months doing nothing but observing your each and every move: from morning stretches to night yawns,  your no flesh finger movement to your arm jerks, your being dependent on me for movements to how independent you have become to turn sides yourself, your little smile to your giggling,your soft to hardened gums, your milk transition to baby food and not to forget your sweet heavenly smell.

You are growing up fast, mashaallah,  and each day my love for you is growing more intensely. 

Happy 6th months of your (in sha Allah) eman filled and beautiful life 

my precious, my chengezi,  my MJ.



3 thoughts on “My 6 months journey with you…

  1. You really cherish your baby and it’s very important, because I know what it feels to carry a baby for nine good months, he’s really cute I must say and I wish him best of luck as he’s adding in stature…


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