Subject to Object

I am a 30 years old female, born and bred in Pakistan. Grew up in a house where patriotism was fed to you but unfortunately, this isn’t the Pakistan to die for. I am certainly not pointing my arrow towards the economic growth of my beloved motherland but yes towards the social growth or it would be more appropriate to say social deterioration.

Every passing day we come across different stories from every nook and corner of our country. In whatever the way focal of these stories have been no other than the daughters of Eve.

My idea of societal deterioration has always been the loss of respect towards the women but the little knowledge that I hold and the poor perception towards the cultural imbalance has forced me to change my opinion. I will certainly not waste my time bragging about the epicenter of the problem but with all due respect, I very open-heartedly would put this burden on my very own gender.

Once we were subjects of beautiful poetic words but now we have become objects at the hands of our opposite gender but again the women are to be blamed. Not that I enjoy doing so but unfortunately trapped between the meaning of enlightened moderation we have very generously given the strings of our dignity to men to play with.

I had many occasions after which my inside really pushed me to put down my views but the recent Atif Aslam’s concert has struck me really hard and has forced me to ask myself that under what circumstances will I ever play with my very own respect: not only in my own eyes but in others eyes too?  But I have failed to find my answers.

At one end we talk about women empowerment but on the other hand, we as an individual have simply failed to protect ourselves. Has someone asked me about this last year I would have had a long debate over it but now I think to empower myself I need to first learn to protect myself. Starting from saving my dignity to carrying myself in the public to my reserved yet firm kinesics.


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