Happy 1st

It was last December when I got to know that you are in little trouble when I thought you were completely safe inside my womb. My 8th month with you inside me was starting and I was all lost and troubled inside cause I was already in love with you.
But with the grace of Allah you were handed over to me on jan 27 2016.
Throughout the year I watched you sleeping, weeping, dirtying your nappy to your loud burps. You left me with complete awe thinking what a beautiful creation of Allah you are.
My life took a turn and started revolving around you and your everyday changes and noticing what a handsome boy you were growing more and more into.
I can still recall the whole year on finger tips along with the changes that you brought within you and in my life.
I used to hear alot that I will know the importance of children and motherhood when I will have a child of my own and yes I agree I do know your importance now and in coming years.
Happy 1st hatch day My Precious.
May Allah give you a long emaanful and peaceful life ahead and may you always and always be our source of strength, happiness and way to jannah. Ameen.


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