My Morning Ritual

Few days back I read a blog by Ayisha Qureshi (   who happens to be not just a blogger but also a gem of a person. God gave me a chance to get to know her though the distance between us does not permit me to see her physically but yes we are still in touch and as I can recall her on our first meeting she is same as inspirational and motivating as ever.

I have been wanting to write about my morning ritual after reading hers beautiful morning ritual.But unfortunately mine isn’t as lovely and refreshing as hers. My ritual these days is:

  • starting off with a whining kid. which I just fail to understand why my precious has started doing so.
  • at times I have to stretch my arm and check if his clothes are dry or the pamper has leaked(again).
  • the sleepy head that I have always been,I literally have to drag my self out of bed; grab new diaper and clothes.
  • struggle grabbing my kid and begging him to stay still so that I can change him.
  • with half opened eyes I have to call my famous Wali to take MJ for an hour so that I can sleep a little more.
  • but being a mom I definitely cant cherish my hour sleep and I am likely and unlikely sleeping with my ears welcoming every sound. even the clock’s ticking is so clear then.
  • after an hour’s struggle I order myself and curse for not sleeping early; get out of my warm bed and join my precious in lounge.Where he makes sure he screams after seeing me and start his dramas.

But I guess this is also part of the famous motherhood and its his little smile which electrifies me and wake me up completely to help me start of my day.


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