Tragedy of Life


How tragic life can get at times??? I guess too tragic…. My tragedy these days is that I am maid-less. And when I say its tragic then yes it indeed is tragic for me.

My extremely calming and stress free routine has been badly struck by it. Which started off by a hot cup of bed tea followed by my constant eyes on my watch. The hands would hit 9 and whoa!!! there I go…. Straight out of bed to the bathroom and then hit the gym. By the time I would get back, precious would be sleeping and I could carry on with my books, laundry or maybe with my hot breakfast on my unattended terrace. Later I would just love to do whatever I wanted to; may it be taking MJ to the park or for a car ride or may it be just exploring the city. AHHHH!!!!

Good old days I must say. As now a days my routine starts with burdened eyes and end with the very same condition. Well I am taking all this for now and hoping that the ‘tragic’ routine will end up soon as I have already started my maid hunt and being a highly optimistic person, I am definitely looking forward for a new addition to my family…

But having said all and somewhat getting off my burden, I will very proudly admit about the fun that I am having with MJ is simply priceless. He is growing and I am for sure enjoying each and every moment of this time and witnessing each and every breath that he takes.



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