The Feeling

My maid-less tragedy still continues though I have hit back to my gym routine and that to more energetically than before and it has brought even more optimism in me and ofcourse it’s refreshing and there is no doubt about it.

Not just this but I am also getting to spend more and more time with my precious. Not that I had a weak relation with my kid but this maid break has strengthened our mother-son relation. Which, ofcourse is not only beneficial for him but me too.

I heard that a mother gets to know her child’s habits even when she is carrying him/her. My precious was a lazy one and I kind of always felt relieved and be thankful for such a calm nature. But when I see my kid now, I am for sure struck by karma darling and that too really hard….sigh!!!! I will have to digest all this exactly like my mother did.

When I thought of writing this blog I was, like all other times, trying to register the feelings that I have for my handsome. And somewhat was also trying to name them. But like always I simply failed. My curiosity pushes me to all extent to understand and look up for a word in the dictionary. I suppose lexicologists are still looking for the word and even if they will find such a word it will still not bring justice to the feelings that a mother holds for her child.

There are times when I get so irritated especially when I have to pick, swing and lull him to sleep. But when he wants to sleep independently I again get irritated and ignore his struggle, pick him up and put him to sleep like usual. When he wants to crawl I pick him up and carry him everywhere so on. There is a constant fight between us. But the best part is it always end in a win-win situation. I guess this is the beauty of this relationship.


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