For me there were only two ways of learning in terms of parenthood; from someone or from personal experience. This was a kind of personal growth process. One of the most important thing that I learnt was not to let my kid watch TV until the right age. Somehow I could never absorb the idea of teeny tiny kids so involved in TV programs that at one stage the content they watch starts to become extremely obvious by their behavior . And it was then that I took a decision of not letting my kid near TV until the right age. Even though at this stage of my life, I strongly believe that the wrong turn which our media has taken, has simply made its content inappropriate for all.

The other most irritating habit our kids have adopted these days is of taking keen interest in the mobile phones. OH I just cannot help but show my irritation towards careless parents because no matter what, the kids are like wax and it is our responsibility to mold our kids into someone better. Atleast better than who we are.

The wrong competition that our kids have burdened themselves with is not only rising behavioral problems for them but are problematic for the parents at the same time. We all love our kids but that does not mean that we spoil them. 

Parenthood is a continuous struggle and no matter how old our children grow it will still be a constant war between guiding and directing your kid towards the right path. Not only for their betterment but for our society’s as well. The deteriorated society that we live in cannot afford more evils and someone has to atleast take an initiative to bring back good.


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