A nation cannot achieve heights in a fortnight. It’s the sacrifices, cooperation and trust of the people who join hands with their government to make it a proud one. It won’t be wrong to say that the progress of a nation is defined by the leadership of that country.

When Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif took oath; he promised to bring back good name to his country. And since then we have seen him coming up to his words. From trembling economy to top performing stock exchange; from CPEC to energy projects, we are now seeing our beloved motherland reviving again.

Latest small step towards a “Roshan Pakistan” was decision to hold PSL final in Pakistan. The best thing was that nation stood as one under the name of our favorite sport cricket. We saw tickets sold out within hours, leaders of many opposition parties also wishing luck and some even present during the event. It was literally a day of national harmony, rejoice and glee because our cricket grounds were filled with life after almost a decade.

Due credit should be given to the federal as well as provincial government. As always they have not failed to gain trust of the nation. At this hour, when the country is already fighting with an ulcer called terrorism, they have proven to be a stronger one and provided safety, not only to the international guest players, but to the citizens of Pakistan as well.

The people are best judges and I hope that they will remember who was on right side of history and who was on wrong side, shouting slurs at honorable guests and who was trying to bring bad name to our very own: Pakistan Super League.


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