Happy Women’s Day

How surprising it is that in recent years we have come to restrict our emotions, feelings and relations to certain days of the year. Round the year we see people celebrating; fathers day, mothers day, cancer day, friendship etc. Yesterday woman’s day was celebrated.

Like all other particular days, I am simply astound at the thought of celebrating all the efforts put forward by the women towards the society to be celebrated on march 8th . whats more surprising is that this dates back to 1909.

Not that, being a woman myself, I don’t believe on women enjoying their rights in the society, but the truth is do we actually get to cherish them? Had our rights been given there would have been no need for us to celebrate this day. Why do women get to recognize themselves and their efforts on just one day? Though the restriction has been obliged by the men in the society, do we actually get to own our rights even on that particular day?
The truth is no.

Celebrating women’s day round the year or one particular day do not let the women, in the west or east, get to enjoy their rights. We live in a man dominating society, irrespective of the society, we do. Unfortunately the man have taken the liberty to dishonor and disrespect us, killing our dignity, crushing our personality hence reforming  who we are is all given the authority to do so by our very own selves.

Years have passed, men and women have gained all the worldly knowledge in the name of education. But the bitter truth is we have never taken the advantage and educated ourselves. Every day I scroll down my face book page and find many posts related to my honor and self respect. Not to forget the ones which says that one should walk out of somebody’s life in the name of self respect. But the question is, is it that easy? The answer is always no. Atleast for me it is.

I will walk out of one man’s life but what about the vultures living in the society wearing a disguise of a man? This is just not my story there are many who share the same. Blame of this goes back to years and years to our ancestors who sent us to schools to gain education but what about the religion? We as a society have gone back to stone ages just because of this. There isn’t any religion in the world who do not give women their rights, irrespective of the changes they have brought in the testaments but they do not change the truth.

All the religions say that Eve was born from the ribs of Adam to enjoy being equal not to be demeaned. But the meaning of this has simply changed because women themselves have not put any effort when it comes to grooming our children. And when the never ending cycle of degrading women continues and we blame karma.

Is karma to be blamed or our mind set we live in?

Men forget that it is women who give birth to them, it is a woman who give them first education and not to forget the schools and colleges where the majority of the teachers are also women and then through out the course of their lives they seek women advice, women comfort, women guidance, women wisdom etc. But then again we see these very same men degrading us.

So the question now is; is it actually the men who devalue us or it the women who lacks the courage to break the cycle not for the society but for themselves?


4 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

  1. This debate can only make some sense if it’s broken down into segments.
    1) As human beings we are all “equal”. A man has as much right on oxygen as a woman.
    2) in terms of functions we are “different”. That brings into question the physical abilities, which totally defy the author’s stance. Only women can give birth.
    3) “roles” wise both men and women are unique. The institute of motherhood is the highest and the noblest in a society reserved for woman only. Similarly the role of a husband is as unique as the role of the mother but it’s demands are different.
    4) “biologically ” we are miles apart.
    5) ” physically” men tend to be stronger than women.

    So the point I am trying emphasize on, is that, as living and breathing human beings we are all equal. Feminists in the west have failed to parameterize the debate and in doing so have created a confusion and a myth, that men and women are equal in all aspects of life. That simply is not true.


    1. I completely agree with each and every word you have written, but you ignored the sarcasm. How are we going to educate our future generations when we are not going to tell them all the points which you have mentioned? It is woman’s ( mother’s) job to do so. So you see the idea is not blaming the men but women themselves.


  2. This is why we’re friends (among many other beautiful reasons). Beautifully written!!! I agree with you SO much on this undeniable fact that women have SO much power and strength to break this cycle. We ultimately hold the keys to our own success. 💪❤️


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