Things We Take For Granted

When I was growing up, all I could hear from people advising me about was to cherish what I have for I will miss this all when I grow up. Especially whenever I complained about school life, this was for sure to be heard from one or another.

Later in my life I started hearing about cherishing the relations. Cause ofcourse, there is no substitute for our parents and siblings. This was something I never heed upon.

My mother is a home-maker, like many others, I cant recall a single time when I wouldn’t witness her taking care of her house, all the things present in it and not to forget her plants. I used to confront her that why does she has to do everything herself when she was blessed with so many servants. Very politely she would answer back that I will get to understand the value of these things when I will have my own. O and not to forget the mentioning of  all the energy and hard-work of my father in building up everything from brick-to-brick.

After all these years and after my marriage I exactly reciprocate her emotions and have quite an idea of what she meant by those words.

Everyday I put an effort to follow her foot-steps. Though my father was the one collecting things for the home but it was always her making sure that things would be in their order and reflecting my father’s ways.

Following an old English tradition of ringing gong to announce dinner, he brought couple of gongs for the home. And everytime that gong would rang, it only brought irritation to me. The other day I got gongs for my home too. Seeing them made me realize how much I have missed this little trend of my parent’s home.

My parents being nature lovers always ensured to have couple of indoor plants and not to mention the outdoor’s and huge lawns. They just love spending time with their “kids”, as I started to call them later. Now that I have indoor plants of my own, I understand their love for nature. I never thought I would be involved in the gardening until I brought plants of my own.

Sitting and writing this made me realize that gongs and plants are just a way to keep my parents alive around me. The little distance that my marriage has brought between us can only be filled with this for now.

I guess its just a regret for taking my most precious and valuable relations for granted.


2 thoughts on “Things We Take For Granted

  1. beautiful, loved reading it you took me back to my memories and i started thinking of things i took for granted, unfortunately you cant teach this to any one and there will always be things we take for granted and appreciate them when we do not have them any more.

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