Stay In Your Boots

 One fine day/night you sign a contract with a stranger but some do get lucky and sign it with their love of life. Well life doesn’t stop even if you don’t. Coming back, so you sign it and get nikah-fied thinking to have found your knight in shining armor and it’s all gloomy and fairy-tale alike.

Next morning you open your eyes and realize not being on your bed, the ceiling looks unfamiliar too, you change your side and you are like okayyyyyy who is this. And that’s when the reality hits you for the very first time. Happy Married Life.

New chapter of your thrilling/not-so-thrilling life starts. Your teeny tiny world switches from parents and siblings to one person called Husband. You get so involved in him that your observational skills infact get polished nothing more. The stay-in-limits parental signs and signals altogether changes into the secret glances exchanged between the spouses.

So basically the whole family is substituted by one single person.

You start your day going to all extent just to see him off to his work all happy and the day is spent drowned in his memories. Your wardrobe changes from what you like to what he likes, your choice of colors are all tipsy turvy, your shoes in the wrack are also according to his choice, O!!! and not to forget the idea of the summer/winter make over to his choice of lipstick and probably nothing else. Congratulations, you have completely sunk in his love.

So, not only your wardrobe changes but with that your habits, hobbies, likes, dislikes e.g.; choice of food, color, décor, sports etc. everything changes. And you are thus expected to compromise, cooperate, docile, understand and with this all the synonyms of these words.

Days pass into months, months into years, but the role of a wife stays the same. And there are times when you come up to the conclusion of your personal observations and assumptions that your husband just knows you too well. Exactly like you do. But unfortunately, your bubble is burst and that too really harshly by one single phrase from your husband; stay in your boots.

Why you get to hear is not of your concern. You have no right to ask but just to stay quiet and continue with your thoughts and conclusions again based completely on your observations. And correct your thought which you conceived thinking that you have achieved something in your marriage.


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