Pines Cliff

It was little after Musharraf’s coup when we moved back to Abbottabad, to our very own home. Since Allah blessed us with the whole cliff, so my dear father decided to call it Pines Cliff; after ofcourse, the famous pine tress of Abbottabad. 

Never in my life I ever liked that city. It could never get close to my heart. Yet, I spent my teenage and twenties in that city. 

For me Abbottabad has always been a city of controversies. People took advantage of the size and number of population of that city, hence everyone knew everyone leading to too many noses in your business. I was always looking for an escape from that place. It was never my safe haven. 

And then I did leave that city. And still I hold the same opinion about that place. But if I look back, my safe haven has always been my parents Pines Cliff, the best years of my life were spent in Abbottabad, I am known as a Hallian- a proud one, I fought my inner and outer fights there, I out grew my fears, became bold and much stronger living there. Most of all my bestest part of crazy years reside there,my dearest of all frineds; my SJ and my Mano. 

I visited Pines Cliff after a year. When I entered the city, I knew I had to run back. But the moment the car took a turn, up towards the home, I never felt so excited in my life for this place. And till I got off, I kept telling my precious that we will be seeing mama soon. Hence leaving me all nostalgic. 

My parents were as excited as ever when they talked about their flowers was something worth memorising. Especially, them telling me the tiny details and changes of their garden just brought too much glow to their peaceful and content faces. 

I think such are the priceless moments which you see on your parents’ faces and know how beautifully they have lead their lives as a man and wife and true companions. 

This visit to home made me realise that I would be fully loaded with stories to share with my kiddo of his crazy mom and Pines Cliff.


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