When I got to know that we would be leaving for Bahawalpur from Quetta, I was extremely disappointed and all I could think of was what have I done to myself.

Leaving Quetta was little hard since I met such beautiful people there and I am so grateful that we all are still in contact with each other. Then our friendship had a physical shape and now it runs via whatsapp. Man I just love technology.

Anyways, a year spent in hot southern Punjab wasn’t easy in the beginning, later ofcourse I had to compromise since I had no other choice. But every morning I used to get up cursing myself and thinking what should I do with my life other than raising a kid, and just waiting for my husband to get comfortable with the new city and permit me to be on my own. It was a long wait I must say.

My cursing session ended when I met two most beautiful people inside out in that Nawab(less) State: Maheen Qutab and Eman Tariq. With them I have another chapter of most beautiful memories and these two, o I just want them around for the rest of my biological life. And even if they both will decide to go away, I am for sure going to run after them even if I have to drag them back in my complicated life.

How they both have looked after us in past few days reflect too much of their wonderful grooming. They both, along with their better halves, have been extremely hospitable.

It was hard to hug them and let them go but I had to. And while writing this I can actually hear them laughing on our stupid jokes. I miss them, I miss talking my heart out, not bothering what to say and what not to, our couple of swimming sessions when the water got us high even when we were fasting, our non-stop discussions on extreme lamest of all topics to the meaning and essence of life, Jazzy bro’s emotional lectures to Tariq Bahi’s ears-cum-antennas (I am sure he never missed out even a whisper), Eman’s Hamza’s cutest conversation to Akram’s serving, ladies exclusive cooking to Mubashir’s delicious parathas, the list goes on and on.

I am certainly looking forward to meet them all again and that too very soon, and hoping to continue this bond forever.


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