Since I happen to be at my parents and I got a chance to finally open one of my old cupboards. Now that my mother uses them, it was hard to get hold of one of the keys.

I was strongly struck by nostalgia when I opened it. Each and everything, even the smallest and tiniest of my things were lying as I left them ofcourse with few addition of my mom’s stuff.

Little after that it was me sitting on the floor with most of my stuff lying infront of me; my birthday cards, post cards, couple of my tiny picture frames, drawing of my niece (Shermeen’s) when she was hardly 4, her letters when she could finally write, letters from my Islamabad friend (Zunaira), old pictures etc, but what I still couldn’t find were letters from my father and every time I peep into my old stuff I just hope to find them. There were few of the things I couldn’t recall having but they were there staring right back at me.

So now most of those things are placed safely in my bag pack from my school days along with few of my old watches as rest of them are with my sister. I can now make a separate corner at my new home and place all my dear memories and name it ‘ Memory Lane.’


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